As most of you will have experienced yourselves, the lockdown period related to the COVID19 outbreak has forced us all to think outside the box a bit.

After months of training at home, it affirmed to us the need to have a special, fully equipped space where we can just escape the realities of life and train uninterrupted.

The future of daily life certainly looks very different to how it used to be. Most of us are working flexible hours and are no longer restricted to working from the office.

Quite a few of us have gotten used to training alone and almost all of us have realised that there is currently a huge worldwide shortage of exercise equipment to purchase for a Home Gym.

We realised that we have a fully equipped gym that sits empty for most of the day between classes…why not open up the space to allow people to come and use our facility in their own time?

So we installed a Biometric Turnstile whereby free access to the gym can be obtained by theuse of your fingerprint.

We are now one of the ONLY CrossFit Gyms in South Africa that offer OPEN ACCESS to our facility during the day and on weekends!


The turnstile has been installed at the front door – it has a 1300mm side gate that will be left open during class times to allow for easy access when we run during class times.

Your fingerprint will allow you to access the gym.

Depending on the Membership Package you are on, this will determine what times the system will allow you access to the gym.

Members who have chosen to add Open Gym to their packages will now be able to come in during the day to get a session in, do some extra strength work or meet a friend for some Assault Bike sets.

You will also be able to access the gym on Saturdays (after classes) and Sundays.


We are also hoping to attract some new members/lost gym goers who are not keen on group training classes and just want somewhere that is not a ‘Globo Gym’ to get a session in on their own.

This means you can get all your ‘non-CrossFit ProForm’ friends to sign up to Open Gym and come for a training session with you!

The workout of the day will be on the board for anyone keen to do it, we can show you how to use the timer and connect your phone to the sound system.

On the weekends, the lights will be on a timer and centre security will have keys to open up and close the main door.

We will be doing a bi-weekly equipment stocktake and have also installed cameras to assist us to keep an eye on things remotely, prevent theft and ensure safety.


The ‘Cherry on Top’ is that we will now be in the position to offer Personal Training and One-on-One Coaching Sessions.

This new, flexible approach to life and work now gives you the opportunity to spend more time improving your health and fitness…..and towards reaching your personal goals!

Current Open Gym Access Times:

Monday to Friday – 9.30am until 6pm.

Saturday – 9am until 5pm.

Sunday – 7am until 5pm.

The above times may change depending on how our Group Class Times increase or decrease during the next few months. All Open Gym users will be kept notified of any changes.


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