In 2013 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and considered a high fracture risk.  My readings were -2.9 right hip, -2.6 left hip and spine -2.6.  My doctor put me onto prescription meds (Protos) and I continued to excercise at a normal gym doing bikes, treadmill etc with very little improvement.  Two years later my 2015 readings were -2.7 left hip,  -2.5 right hip and spine -2.7.  

In October 2015 my son convinced me to join ProForm. In June 2016 my bone density readings were -2.2 and -2.3 respectively with an overall improvement of 4.7 % and 8.7%. In May of this year (2017) my report read “the lumbar spine and both hips were evaluated and classified as being osteopenic.” In other words, there is NO SIGN OF OSTEOPOROSIS. The right hip has increased in density by 4.7%, left hip by 8.7% and lumbar spine has increased by 8.3%”

I am convinced that the ProForm classes, under the professional eye of the coaches, have played a major role in strengthening  my  bone density... which was a big concern for me. 

 ~ Annie Neilson

Thank you for welcoming me to your gym... which was a perfect balance of serious and fun. The programming has an incredible amount of planning and forethought, more than I've seen in any other gym and I've been to about 40 different ones!! The coaching style is instructive without ever making anyone feel uncomfortable. It's incredible to see the coaches passion for their sport and this business.

It's a truly great place to train and when I'm back in SA I'll be back for sure.

~ Gareth Pickering

Hoping this email finds you in high spirits.

I wanted to do this in person, somehow the below words would just not have come out like this but rather a simple Thank You and maybe a high five.
This email serves to THANK YOU for the past year's ProForm coaching that has changed my life for my athletic future (CrossFit says that I am an athlete, so I'm claiming that title).

Because of your commitment and dedication, I am closer to the more slimmer/slender person I'm working towards becoming (the muscles are somehow still lost in transition or somewhere in hiding...lol). I have in the past year lost 18kg's, dropped to a 32cm waist, dropped to a medium shirt/t-shirt (from an XL, almost XXL) and in almost the best shape I have ever been in my life (still working on this).

Your coaching skills has taught me discipline, proper form and given me a passion and desire to better equip myself to excel as a ProForm athlete.
You have welcomed, believed, encouraged, supported, be-friended, pushed, equipped, assisted and coached me and hopefully will continue to do so to the best of your ability.

Here's to YOU!!!

~ Duane Van Der Horst

I'm running my first 2 Oceans Ultra Marathon this year. I started at ProForm to assist with my training. It's done miracles. Absolute miracles. I can now keep a consistent pace up and down hills, my time for 21km has come down massively, and I'm just generally a much stronger runner. I was considering doing training at ProForm for three or four months and then focusing purely on the running. Not a chance that is happening - I'm addicted!

~ Pete Soulsby

I remember the first day I walked into the CrossFit ProForm box. I was nervous and did not know what to expect. I thought I would not be able to keep up with everyone else.

I was warmly welcomed by the Coach and after one session I was hooked.

Not only am I fitter and stronger , but I feel healthy and happy with what I can do now. From barely being able to do ten push ups, thirty push ups are now part of my warm up. Three months into my training and I have entered the Reebok Crossfit Open 2013.

I look forward to the WOD every day, but also to seeing the other members who have become friends. The support from my coaches and the other members make me feel part of a fantastic team.

Bruce and the other coaches are always there to offer advice on nutrition, recovery, challenges and any obstacles you may face.

~ Annique Herbert

In all the years of doing various sports, I have never felt so motivated and inspired to achieve than how I feel about CrossFit ProForm! After 10 years of training at the gym, I had long since lost my enthusiasm for exercise and found it almost a chore to get moving. But after joining ProForm earlier this year, I can't seem to keep myself away and even on a rest day I find myself longing to join in (or at least find out what WOD I missed out on).

It's never the same, so you are always challenged. And the great part is that everyone is on your side and wants you to achieve just as much as they themselves do! This brings about a lot of camaraderie and such a positive atmosphere, which keeps you coming back for more!

Thanks so much to the ProForm trainers for their wholehearted passion! You have given me back my mojo and I can't wait to see what else CrossFit ProForm has in store for me in the years to come...

~ Michelle De Jong

My training is going well and the coaches at CrossFit ProForm are awesome. I come from a competitive sporting background and have yet to come across coaches who are so technically sound in their approach and enthusiastic to get the best results for me.

CrossFit ProForm  is certainly for me and thanks to their coaches my first experiences have been awesome.

~ Peter Jupp

Through CrossFit ProForm and the excellent ProForm coaches your body and mind will achieve things you never thought possible. The most rewarding part of training is watching the progress one makes week after week, watching as your times get quicker, your weights get heavier, you can train for longer faster and harder...that to me is the ultimate satisfaction, watching the progress you make as your body and mind get stronger.

It is the most passionately addictive and rewarding healthy lifestyle conditioning program I can think of, and whether you train to compete or train for the health benefits, what is especially unique about this type of training is the sense of community created. I believe that at ProForm you do the workout as an individual but train as a family and community.

My word of advice to beginners who are contemplating joining or perhaps too scared to take the first step- just give it one session. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, that's all it takes

~ Marcus Gonelli

After many years of training at a conventional gym I needed a change, a challenge and some motivation. Everything about CrossFit ProForm attracts me; the constantly varied workouts, the challenge to perfect movements and exercises, the expert attention of the coaches who "walk the talk", the high intensity and probably the most important reason is: The realisation that with effort, practice and a little belief I can be stronger, fitter and faster.

~ Marco De Vries

I train 4 (sometimes 5 times a week) and in 10 months, due to the coaches obsession and emphasis on correct form, technique and safety, I've not sustained a single injury. In a short 10 months, I am able to deadlift 102Kg's, I can push press 40Kg's and do front squats with 60kg's, I am able to row 1000m's in under 4 minutes and have recently conquered double unders and pull-ups.

Above all else, I am having so much fun and I feel physically more healthy and alive than ever.

The community of CrossFit ProForm is truly a community of likeminded people who support you in achieving your goals, cheering for you and egging you on, encouraging you and believing in you, even when you don't believe in yourself. I am a true testimony to what ProForm can do for you with a responsible coach that motivates you and pushes you past your limits.

~ Ilona Wilson

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